About Us

Who we are & What we do ?

YO INDIA TV (@YoIndiaTV)  is a mass media company which offers a bundle of creative juices that aims to provide some good informational and entertaining content to the people who can connect with India or America in some way or the other. As Indians living in USA, we enjoy many things in American spirit while the love for motherland and culture will always stay. So, let's celebrate life and culture through Indian community events celebrated in The San Francisco  Bay Area , California, USA in healthier and dearer ways to ingrain bliss while we reap material gains as a means to bread on. Cheers to all of you who are thriving and building a great environment for our kids to prosper as well. Yo India TV is a media  outlet that will support and enrich the Indo-American experience for all generations. The channel channelizes the thought process of fellow Indian Americans and refreshes concepts from our roots that may be leveraged for success. We all have a limited span of life and want to make it to the fullest. So let's share some nice  thoughts and actions via pictures and videos that tend to make the life more worth living and cherishing for all of us.  This is fully in keeping with our slogan - LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE - derived from the underneath principle of "Vasudhaev Kutumbakam" in Sanskrit and the concept of "Sarbat ka Bhala" in Gurbani. Cheers!

- Jasleen Khanuja, CEO, Yo India TV

Email: jasleen.khanuja@yoindiatv.com

Broadcasting Schedule

Yo India TV Production Program Info::

A proud Silicon Valley Channel that airs world-wide!!

Yo India TV Production Program airs every Friday @7:30 PM PST  on the following Networks:

1 -  Comcast Channel 15 in South Bay (Mountain View, Cupertino, Los Altos and Channel 26 in Sunnyvale)

2 - AT&T Channel 99 in the entire San Francisco Bay Area

3 - Roku-KMVT in Europe, North America and South America, and 

4 - Jadoo in 190 countries

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*    To book us for your next community event or ask a question, email: yoindiatv@gmail.com